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General Product Questions

What size to order, suitable types of door, surfaces, and product installation

What height/length of threshold to order?

GaraDry supplies the largest range of garage door threshold seals on the market, ranging from 15mm to 50mm high. This is because of the size of the gap that needs sealing varies from one garage door to the next. The height you require depends on a) t

What weights can the thresholds withstand?

Our garage door thresholds have been designed to be durable and can be safely driven over with many domestic vehicles. If you require something more heavy-duty, our commercial door thresholds are constructed of aluminium and can withstand much heavie

What type of door can the products be used on?

GaraDry's garage door thresholds can be used on both manual and automatic up-and-over, sectional, roller shutter and (outward opening) side-hinged garage doors. They are also suitable for use on commercial roller shutters. In addition to this, our th

What surfaces can the thresholds be installed on?

Our garage door thresholds are suitable to install on most solid, non-porous surfaces. This includes concrete, epoxy, paved, and asphalt/tarmac surfaces. The floor should be in good condition prior to installation. The threshold seals are not suitabl

How to install

Installation instructions for our full range of products can be found on our website here. Our YouTube channel also has video instructions for many of our products including how to install our garage door thresholds.

Where is the garage door threshold installed?

Our garage door thresholds should be installed behind the garage door, so that the door closes against the seal. This will create the best seal along the full width of the garage door, and prevent water and other debris from being blown underneath. F

Will I have enough adhesive?

For our products which are supplied with our specially formulated GaraDry adhesive & sealant each kit is supplied with sufficient adhesive to complete a standard installation. However, should you feel you require additional adhesive, this can be purc

Do you offer an installation service?

Unfortunately, as we are an online retailer, we are not able to offer an installation service. However, all of our products are supplied with full installation instructions and are designed to be installed by any competent DIYer without the requireme

How long does the adhesive take to try?

How long our GaraDry adhesive & sealant takes to dry will depend on a number of factors, including temperature, humidity, etc. For this reason, we recommend leaving the threshold for 24 hours or overnight before driving over it to ensure the adhesive